You’ve seen them ‘do it’ a hundred times . . .

A reader picks up a book, looks at the front and back cover, then flips through the pages to look for pictures … or illustrations.  Cartoons guarantee a pause, often leading to a scanning of the text, followed by the purchase. Illustrations help the reader’s understanding and application.

Graphic Recording is an amazing tool to help you flesh out your thoughts, business, and marketing plans with a one-on-one session.

Cartoons and Illustrations for your books, educational materials, brochures, banners, posters, and marketing materials.

Book Launch sites for focused marketing to drive your ranking up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. WordPress sites to highlight your presence as an author, sell products and books, blog and so much more.

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“In today’s market it is so hard to establish an identity that purveys ‘we are real, fun, friendly, and, yes … personal!’  Your artwork captured and portrays our essence perfectly!”

Shannon Parish is an exceptional cartoonist.  Not only are her cartoons wonderful, but she is a delight to work with! Shannon promptly returns my phone calls and emails.  I don’t have to hunt her down to find out the status; she proactively keeps me advised and informed.

She takes my rambling thoughts and really tries to understand what I amvisually attempting to express.  She then translates my incoherent thoughts into a workable draft. Nine times out of ten, Shannon is right on the money.  Her first draft is perfect.  Not only does she listen to the feedback, she promptly incorporates it into a new cartoon.

Shannon is a true professional and it has been a joy to work with her.  I highly recommend her to you.”  
Kristin J. Arnold, CMC, CPCM, CPF, President, Quality Process Consultants, Inc