Black and White Illustrations

Line drawing of a barrel and a plow

Create an impact with clean lines and imagination.  Line drawings for book illustrations, stationery, shirts, banners, and much more!

Line drawing of a wolf among bushes
Pen & Ink cartoon of bucking bronco and cowboy
Pen & ink drawing of a mountain lion
Pioneer woman standing guard

Realistic, or cartoon illustrations enhance any book, whether fiction or non-fiction.

The illustrations here, were drawn for a client’s book in old west stories and tales. 


Stippling artwork of a child with his hands in the air in praise
Stippling artwork of an African American girl and her teddy bear
Baby face - stippling artwork
Stippling artwork of a Navajo Mother and her infant
Stippling artwork of an African American girl shouting victoriously
Stippling artwork of a toddler reaching out


These stippling illustrations belong to Living Stones Center for the purpose of fundraising. 

Utilizing the Zazzle website for merchandise, each illustration appears on a coffee mug for sale. VIEW SHOP HERE

Living Stones Center is a nonprofit that helps people heal from unrecognized traumas, and is dear to my heart.