My Personal Mission

A lonely dirt road leads through a misty forest to parts unknown.

My mission in life is to encourage those who need encouragement and who seek answers.


Walking alongside people who are in a journey of self-discovery, I desire to share with them, the steps the journey will present to them.

My goal is not to educate them about narcissism, family dynamics, personality differences, emotional intelligence, or other areas of our life experiences. such as grief and tribulations. But to normalize the human experience, in order to forgive and to love, beginning with ourselves and our relationship with God the Father, so that we can forgive others.
As a Christian, I’ve experienced many versions of doctrine that are connected to truths from scripture but which are flavored with narcissistic motives.
Recovering and seeing these toxic patterns is a part of our Christian and human journey.
To facilitate the support and community which is necessary for us to heal, gain strength, and to live out our purpose, I have created CIRCLES JOURNEY GROUPS, JOURNALS, COLORING BOOKS FOR KIDS, GAMES, and OTHER PRODUCTS that reinforce and encourage individuals to reflect and meditate on what their thoughts and choices are producing in their lives and how to understand how each of us is ultimately responsible for how we engage with the world.