Me and My Closest Friends

My closest friends are those who are walking this journey of life along with me. We are all learning and growing together, celebrating our differences (with compassion and a sense of humor) as well as our insights, wisdom, and curious minds. This is my tribe. Who could ask for more?

Shannon (me), Nikki - INFP

Laura - INFJ

Andi - ENTP

Cathy - INTJ

Kathleen, Shirley - ENFP

Helen, Carol - ESFP

I’ve tried to find funny videos. If there isn’t a funny video, there’s an informative or interesting one. Enough to stir your curiosity to wonder who YOU are surrounded by.

A few are missing because I either forgot their MBTI type, or they haven’t taken the test yet.  They are an important part of my journey too.

  • Sharon
  • Becky
  • Gail
  • Jan

Billie, Ronnie, Sheila, Suny, Linda - ISFJ

I could not find a funny video by Frank James (yet?) on this personality type. But since there are so many in my life, I devoted the biggest space to them. Hey – I’m surrounded by celebrities!