About Shannon

Shannon Parish, Creative Life Coach

Cartoonist, Graphic Recorder, Speaker

Ever since I could hold a crayon or a chunk of bbq charcoal (much to the dismay of my parents) I’ve drawn, colored, and expressed myself visually. Whenever people ask me if I will teach them to draw, I always tell them first, “Sure, but first, I have to teach you to see!”

Born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado, I’ve had the great joy of working for more than thirty years in ministry and performed every function you can think of to run a church (except the soundboard.)

For the past eleven years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with professional speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs. Needless to say, the blend of all of these industries has allowed me to experience human nature at its best–and worst, both as a leader and in service to others.

“Shannon’s ability to visualize thoughts, ideas, concepts, patterns and visually interpret them with humor is fun, entertaining, inspiring and extremely helpful!”

A great frustration for authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs is getting their message across to a wide range of customers.

Providing interior book illustrations, cover illustrations, cartoons for presentations, marketing and internal communications is an intelligent way to get across a message in the blink of an eye. The old saying of “A picture is worth a thousand words” is even more true today than ever before.

With multi-media on the rise and short attention spans being the norm, the competition for your reader’s or potential customer’s attention increases. Cartoons are built in with ‘feel-good’ emotions and memories, and immediately work to build a relationship that enhances your branding.

I work with a wide range of entrepreneurs, writers and speakers who have as wide a range of needs from presentations, marketing and educational materials, to product creation and capital fund raising.

Another, rare but extremely effective service I provide is to graphically record workshops, seminars, retreats, brainstorming sessions and meetings where there is a flow of ideas and information. Posters from this live drawing are left with the speaker or company for reproduction and future use to enhance recall and retention.

I’m available for visually enhanced workshops, seminars and keynotes which will bring a sense of humor and creativity to your event as well as deliver punch and slap-your-forehead understanding regarding personality differences and human nature when it comes to the differences of men and women and what drives them. Call me! (720) 295-7409