SIMPLIFY ... so that there is Understanding


As your Life Coach

As your Life Coach, I tap into over thirty years of Christian ministry work helping individuals navigate through life and relationships—including my own! 

Don’t walk through the darkness alone. I’ve been there … and I’ve discovered resources—and answers that will help clear the fog and light the way.

As your Creative Coach

You benefit from years of serving authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, and individuals as a creative service provider, graphic recorder, cartoonist, illustrator,  and WordPress website designer.

Let’s build that website, create that book, illustrate that speech, or create those products. One step at a time.

“I’m so psyched about our recent meeting! How you were able to see things I have never looked at AND illustrate them during our sessions has lifted a huge load and made simple something I thought was too complicated for me to figure out. Now I feel like I can do anything!”

SIMPLIFY ... so that there is Understanding

Creative Coach Shannon Parish

SHANNON PARISH, Creative Life Coach, Retired PW, and After Pastor. Coaching individuals in their journey.

SIMPLIFY (doesn’t mean easy) … 

Heavy, complicated matters are rarely solved if they are not simplified into bite-sized morsels of information. Emotions can be complicated and heavy – they too, need to be clarified and reframed in order to understand your next steps.

Focus on what matters. 


  • Feeling centered and grounded. 
  • Knowing your WHY 
  • Gaining clarity and focus which is unshakeable
  • Releasing what has paralyzed you
  • Becoming who truly are, not what others have determined for you
  • Making sense of past challenges and discovering gold “in them thar hills”
  • Reframing non-beneficial behaviors and thoughts into beneficial ones.


Identify what motivates you. Coaching sessions will clarify and craft the life you desire while making sense of past challenges and difficult events. Everything has a lesson. It’s all gold.

Brainstorming product ideas, how to match your business to your life and future goals. Managing your creative mind without going nuts. If you are a Creative or working with one – you know what I mean.

“You encourage me to think about and put into practice what I want to accomplish. I’ve learned so much from you in the course of creating an inviting, user-friendly website and look forward to working with you on other projects in the future.” – L.S. Lane