Art Portfolio


These books have my artwork on the cover
and/or in the interior
Some of them are linked to their corresponding sales page
on Amazon or the author's website.


Table of Contents 
Let it Out, Let it Go, 20 Fun Ways to Express Anger, Andrew Reasbeck Travel Made EZ, Breaking the Language Barrier, Joanne Smith, EV Luceris Riley McFee and His Search for World Peace, Joan McWilliams
The Practical Inventor, JT Wilkinson
Never Be Boring Again, Doug Stevenson Inventor Development Program, JT Wilkinson
"Just Plane Funny" by Tim Gard and Steve Kissel "The Path, A Spiritual Journey" by Heather Thomas; Verne Thomas "The Monster Solution" by Sara Goodman Zimet
The Best Belcher, Lynda Medlyn Wouldn't You Rather Go Shopping? by Betsy Cohen
"The Small Business Guerrilla Guide to Six Sigma" by Lowell Jay Arthur  


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