Creative Virtual Office

Working at homeBeing creative is what I know! I also know the frustration of having too many ideas, and not enough time to get things done. 

Multiple projects, clutter, interruptions, and at times, chaos, are all a part of an active creative person’s day. No matter who you are or where you are working from, working from home is a common, every day experience that opens new possibilities for income potential.

My Clients are creatives! Some might disagree, but they would not have created their business, their books, their radio shows, products, or go on speaking tours if they weren’t creating on a continual basis.

All of this creation comes with a price though…. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and lost in your own world of tasks and “should-dos”.

Virtual Support in a Home OfficeThat’s where we come in. It’s obvious that I can’t do it all myself either – that’s why I’ve pulled together other administrative, like-minded people such as myself, who are efficient in what they specialize in, super friendly to work with – and they, like me, work from their homes.

If you have a need for virtual office support, contact me. We’ll all work together on your team – to bring your dream to come to pass without the heavy burden and fears that come with trying to do it all yourself.


Pricing ranges from a low $15 per hour on up depending on the project. Larger, detailed projects are billed at $25 an hour and up, or, if continued virtual support is required, we’ll negotiate a retainer fee or project bid that covers three months.

The virtual assistants that I connect you with are working people who are supplementing their income or single moms who have a skill set that is just what you need. They work from their homes, or upon occasion, will come to your home office for special projects. All are people that I am in relationship with and are people of integrity.

We work together as a team to save you time and money.

  • Administrative
  • Concierge
  • Database maintenance and/or creation
  • Office organization
  • Social Media Support
  • Trade Show Booth Presence
  • Other (Ask)

“Let us create more time in your day!”

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