Meet Shannon Parish, Creative Life Coach, Cartoonist, Illustrator, Graphic Recorder and …

Shannon Parish…¬†of course, there’s more!

I utilize the same artistic and intuitive skill sets that create a cartoon or illustration as I do when graphic recording or when I’m coaching clients. When graphic recording, I’m assimilating a great deal of information, listening deeply and picturing the simplified form or metaphor that instantly explains a concept or message.

For over twenty years I’ve worked with nonprofits, authors, speakers, entrepreneurs, inventors, individuals, couples and families with my creativity and coaching. For more than thirty years I invested in ministry work and encouraging people to live their dreams. Now I help them with their strategy and envisioning what that looks like.

Shannon ParishWelcome to my online art portfolio. The cartoons and a ton of ideas and information you’ll find here are the results of working for some of the most interesting people on the planet. From authors and speakers to entrepreneurs and inventors, I get to come alongside and support these amazing people in their dreams and helping others.

Whether it is a book that needs illustrations or a speaker who needs a graphic recorder to illustrate live while they speak, or an inventor who is raising capital for a product that needs a concept illustration of how to use their new invention, or an entrepreneur who needs cartoons or illustrations for logos or marketing – I get to do it all! Even when there’s a need for a WordPress website or Book Launch website – I’ve got it covered.

Creative Visual Life CoachWhat I do is Illustrate You …

As you click through my pages, you’ll see work that was done for previous clients. This work is not for sale, but it helps when you can see a style or a concept that resonates with you so that I can get on the ‘same page’ with you in your vision for your book illustrations, clipart, websites or presentation cartoons. When you see something you like, be sure to save the page that the cartoon or illustration was located on so that we can refer to it when we speak.

Whether you are looking for a cartoon, illustration or seeking my services as a graphic recorder or event speaker, I guarantee you that you’ll receive ideas and inspiration that you’ll want to capture right away.
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“I am absolutely charmed! You did indeed capture the spirit of my teaching! . . . I contacted you as a throw-away gesture and the boomerang was successful! I will be letting folks know about your work.” – David Carr, Editor

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