Speaker Resources

Impact the understanding of your audience with illustrated visuals

Graphic Recording compliments your workshop or seminar live with cartoons and keywords in a free-flowing form on posters for your clients audience retention and recall. Powerful tool! Big hit with listeners and executives.

Cartoons for your presentations, handouts, workbooks and marketing materials.

Illustrations for your books, products.

Websites and Book Launch Sites enhance and organize your marketing efforts.

Its a proven fact that the more senses one uses when assimilating information, the better that information is retained and understood.

What are you doing to ensure that your hard work will pay off for your customers when you make your presentation, sell your book or facilitate a workshop with handouts and workbooks?

“In today’s market it is so hard to establish an identity that purveys ‘we are real, fun, friendly, and, yes … personal!’  Your artwork captured and portrays our essence perfectly!”