Artwork Pricing

The cartoon images below illustrates what you can expect regarding how your illustration will be colored or not colored. (This is not a full interior book illustration but is only for the purpose of visualizing the coloring of an illustration.)

Images created are priced according to usage. 

Sample Illustrations
Save up to 50% on each illustration! 

Line Grayscale Color Clipart
Package Pricing Package Pricing Package Pricing Package Pricing
If you wish to create products for resale, please contact me for special rates.
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The discounted pricing listed is for Uses where the cartoon will be:

BOOK INTERIOR: part of a print publication (not the cover) which will be sold, used in the promotion of a commercial organization or will take paid advertising and will be provided to people outside the purchasing organization. This includes all print publishing uses where the image is part of the editorial content of the publication and will be used at half page size or smaller. Includes electronic rights.

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