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Accept it … problems are going to happen, and its a good idea to have a basic list of resources to help you eliminate problems.

The following are some of my most often used, and favorite resources that I’ve used for years.*


The problems you run into while visiting a website is not always the issue of the website. Too many websites have a considerable amount of advertisements and videos blinking and rotating on their sites, which will crash your browser. But not all website problems are the result of broken websites.

  1. Some problems are within your browser. Two main issues that my clients run into are ‘phantom’ advertising that suddenly starts to pop up on ALL websites – even the ones that you know don’t have ads. Here are some resources to get rid of that mess:
    • CLICK HERE to read an article from Norton on how to stop this
    • CLICK HERE to read and see directions provided from Malware Tips
  2. An updated webpage doesn’t show the newest information, or a page that you know should work, suddenly isn’t responding.  This is usually caused by having an overloaded cache that needs to be cleaned out. To learn how to clear out your browser cache, CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE.

FREEBIES for your PC

  • DOWNLOAD FREE MalwareBytes – There is a free version and one that you pay for, with additional features. I’ve been using the free version for years and am very happy with the results.
  • DOWNLOAD FREE AVG Antivirus – A computer technician is the angel that recommended this to me. I was frustrated with three of the most popular paid versions because they were taking over my computer and causing more problems than they solved. I’ve used this for years – and am thrilled.  Yes, there is free, and fee for more features.
  • DOWNLOAD FREE CCleaner by Piriform –  If your PC is running super slow and sluggish, Start with this program. This keeps the junky temp files cleaned up,  fixes registry problems (always save a backup of the files they clean up – a window will pop up asking you if you want to do this) And you can control your startup programs from here too. Very handy – and that’s just the free version.


Sometimes a trojan, worm, virus, or malware can get onto your PC and disable your existing anti-virus. Or worse, your anti-virus might have expired or not been regularly updated. In such a case – here’s my favorite remedy.

SCAN YOUR PC by going to Trend Micro’s house call tool.  You’ll download their tool and it will scan your computer for any issues, then tell you what those issues are – and CLEAN THEM. You can certainly buy their software (that’s why they provide this resource) But the scan is FREE.


*Keep in mind that these are provided for you as a resource towards regular maintenance. (If you are having major issues, then its best to talk to a professional who specializes in these various issues, or in computer repair.)