My greatest joy is serving visionaries with great minds and hearts.

Each one of my clients is an inspiration in so many ways. Each vision, whether a book, a website, a speech or a business (which is really, all of the above,) expresses a heartfelt message to the rest of us. Being a Creative Coach and service provider that walks alongside them, reminds me of how very lucky I am.

Here are a few words they have shared about what its like to work with me… Wow.

Coaching sessions can be in person, over Skype, or by phone.  Life coaching is the key ingredient and supports creative coaching for your project.

(Graphic recording during a session is available by request.)

  • Illustrations
  • Cartoons
  • Graphic recording 

For interior book illustrations, posters, meetings, or events. Artwork illustrations in multiple forms to illustrate you!

WordPress websites beginning with simple to more complicated sites, grow with you and your business. 

Training is available to maintain your own site, or retainers to keep your site current.

Newsletters, brochures, marketing materials including business cards, banners, or book layout and design is available. 

Ongoing administrative and virtual support is also available by retainer or project.


Every project is unique and deserves a unique approach and strategy to make it successful for each client.  Its vital that you recognize your potential, your message, and embrace your expertise.

Coaching helps you to do that while you develop your strategy, business, and marketing in such a way that it matches your lifestyle, passion, and goals.  

Creative Life Coach

What coaching with Shannon has given me:

“So much re-discovery about standing in my inherent power and talents …reclaiming all that I know.  She’s a very deep listener.  Shannon recognized the common threads in all of my words, reflected it all back to me clearly in a way I could grasp., gave me loving support—very cool, pointing to so much!”

I’m so psyched about our recent meeting! How you were able to see things I have never looked at AND illustrate them during our sessions has lifted a huge load and made simple something I thought was too complicated for me to figure out. Now I feel like I can do anything!”




Pen & ink illustrations, stippling (above), humorous illustrations. Pencil, colored pencil, digitally colored illustrations. 

Computer repair cartoon

Cartoons in black and white, grayscale, or full color for your needs.

Graphic recording for a university

Graphic recording during your event, meeting, brainstorming or while coaching, provides a visual illustration of your message and expertise.


Marilyn Van Debur, Author, Speaker "Miss America by Day"

Dear Shannon,

What a gift you are to my life.  I have depended on you so much over the years.  You have always responded immediately and helped me generously and graciously.  You take my problems and work on them until they are solved.  Your persistence and availability are treasures to me.

What is so important to me is that I literally trust you with my life.  All of my passwords.

Having you in my life brings me so much peace.


Marilyn Van Derbur Atler

Pat Morgan, Author "The Concrete Killing Fields"

I met Shannon Parish in late 2013 when the publisher of my book, The Concrete Killing Fields, referred me to her to set up a webpage that I needed for marketing. I was green as grass and terrible to work with…knew nothing at all about setting up a webpage and frankly, had no interest in learning how to maintain it.  She was and still is, wonderful. Talented, smart, tech-savvy, warm, creative, thoughtful, patient, persistent, honest, and funny—a jewel to work with. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

For a small fee every month, she keeps my webpage up to date, makes changes when needed, and does some technical stuff called “maintenance.” She also gently bugs me to blog, offers excellent advice and is always available by email, phone, Facebook, and Skype (even though she has to walk me through Skype every single time).

She’s not just someone I pay to do what I have absolutely no interest in doing. She’s a mentor, a friend, and she has my highest recommendation. 

P.S. I really mean it. Call me if you think this is something she made up.   Pat Morgan 901 525-8498

Ward Lucas, Author, Speaker




Ward Lucas,Author

For anyone wanting to create or improve their website, my highest recommendations go to Shannon Parish of “Illustrating You” in Denver, Colorado. She is a dream to work with and is one of the most imaginative and creative people I’ve met.

Shannon has an outstanding sense of humor that fits perfectly with her cartooning ability. I know she has created many websites for fellow authors, but she really worked overboard and overtime for the launch of my new book “Neighbors At War!” A good website is critical to a successful business venture.

I’m very fortunate to have met Shannon and I’ve enjoyed all of her innovations. As they say, “hire the best.” And as far as I’m concerned, she is the best.
Ward Lucas



Yes, I do this too. In fact, my entrepreneurial journey began with providing administrative and desktop publishing services! I’m still doing that with a few select clients. I also work with other professionals to get clients what they need.