Contracting for Customized Artwork

Often a customer has a specific need or character in mind.  Choosing existing clipart or cartoons sometimes doesn’t  work for a new project, and so they call me to consult with them regarding creating a new piece of artwork or cartoon. 

As a Professional Creative Life Coach, I’m use to working with entrepreneurs and other creative individuals who have a vision or an idea in mind, but are overwhelmed with how to get from A to B.  They may have one idea, but instinctively know that there’s more to their idea than what they can see. When they hire me as a coach, not only do they get a discount for their custom artwork, they access ideas, strategies and resources that make their project all that more possible. 

More Than Meets the Eye …

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words …

(Over committed, with an inability to say “no”)

Not every illustration and cartoon has to be funny.  Sometimes the message is so difficult that just a touch of humor (or sugar) makes the medicine go down easier.

Perhaps your message is complicated and you’ve noticed your audience stumbling over a particular point or subject matter.  Perhaps an illustration is needed to help those attendees visualize the concept more clearly.

If your message is important enough for you to devote your time and energy to delivering it, then you will want to pay attention to the high number of individuals who are visual learners.

What Exactly Does Work for Hire Mean?

ContractsThe conversation that revolves around work for hire is one that I repeatedly have with my clients. I do not do work for hire work at my normal prices. Why? There is no need to, since I give generous licensing rights to my clients to reproduce the work I create for them, for the purposes that they set up with me from the beginning. However, if you are serious about wanting work for hire, please read the articles contained in the links below, and be prepared to pay a much higher price.

How To Create Your Product Empire on a Shoe String Budget

Four Seasons MousepadWhat if you were to take your message, or the characters in your book … or those powerful quotes that you love to repeat and share … and put them in a product that your website visitors would buy? Imagine multiplying your intellectual property into a line of products that reinforce everything you write?

Here’s 3 Ideas for creating products:

Online Retailers:  Zazzle is an online service that provides a plethora of products and opportunities for you to implement into your own business online and offline.

Images in Posts

Artist at easelImages in posts are extremely important but not always easy to come by. There are times when your blog post just doesn’t have enough descriptive words to conjure up an image, or, after searching the Internet for way too long, you find nothing that inspires you, or enhances the post.

Perhaps you are making a comment on another bloggers article, or a newspaper article and to use an image from their site would mean copyright infringement. Nope, don’t want to go there!

Here are some ideas to help you fill that image space which will enhance your blog post and break up the monotony of the reader’s eye and attention span.

What You Can Expect When Working with Me as an Artist

The following information is in regards to the creative process, and is unique to me. Other artists may approach their work differently, so I’m not in a position to speak for them, but I think much of what I am about to say will apply to them as well.


One bite at a timeMany of my illustration contracts center around providing interior book illustrations for a wide range of books that are written for adults and children alike. Each are different in how they are approached, and the styles will vary.  Gratefully, my styles do vary and I’m blessed to be able to many different types of artwork because of this.

How Seasons and Color Affect Your Writing and What You Read

autumn-leavesA dear editor friend of mine, Linda Lane,  shared a blog post that she had just written and it so inspired and thrilled me, that I just had to share this with you.

This is a must read, if you are an author, or in the book publishing industry. Beautiful and insightful observation about how seasons affect writing and what people read…

Seasons and Colors of Fiction

Multi-state blizzards terrorize travelers, heavy snow packs send skiers slipping and sliding into the mountains, yet spring hints of its approach. This month in Colorado, we’ve endured a sub-zero cold snap and enjoyed unseasonal  … read more and make a comment!


Capture Your Ideas with Intention

EagleIf you are breathing, you are thinking. And if you are thinking, you are thinking of all kids of things, and during the day, you’ll have an idea, or a thought. The conversation in your head might sound something like, “I wish someone would invent something that would …” (and then you describe the invention) or, “I bet this would work better if I …” or maybe a funny thought floats through (ahem on myself) and you say, “Oh! This would make a great cartoon!”

Then you continue what you are doing and the idea passes through your brain and out the window.

Shannon Parish is Illustrating YOU!


YES! All of the services below are intimately related!

Who you are is reflected in your business and how you live your life.  What matters to you, how you want to communicate it to your clients, and how to make it easy for them to share what you have to offer. Visualizing this is the first step.  Illustrating it is the next … 

  • Creative Life Coach
  • Cartoons 
  • Humorous Illustrations
  • Graphic Recording
  • WordPress Sites

There are no limits to the possibilities

Just look around you … everything began with a thought, then a drawing.  What are the thoughts you are needing an illustration for?

Lost Opportunity?

Cartoons and humorous illustrationsToday I received a form submission from someone who visited my old site and filled out – well, sort of – my extensive contact form for people requesting book illustrations.

The name on the form said “Lost Opportunity”, the person didn’t give any information but did leave a note, “I would have been happy to have paid a couple of bucks for your artwork, but there was no way that I could, and what’s with this form? You want my blood type too? You just missed an opportunity …”

Well, yes – and no.